Buy digital Assets

We made purchasing digital assets super easy with UPI in India. We use multiple onramp partners who are complaint with Indian regulations. When you wish to purchase a digital asset on Avici app:

  • We buy digital dollars i.e. USDT which is the most popular stable coin from one of our onramp partners where you can use UPI.

  • We convert digital dollars to the asset you wish to buy using the most popular battle tested Decentralised exchange Uniswap using their API.

  • Uniswap requires you to hold "Network token" to transact, but Avici pays this network fee on-behalf of you using a Paymaster.

  • You can also buy using just contract address.

note: We only support USDT onramp on solana currently.

Steps to buy a digital assets

  • Got to markets, select any asset

  • Click on "Quick buy"

  • Check the quote & fees, confirm

  • Pay the amount using UPI

  • Wait for 60-120 seconds to get the asset

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