Get started with Avici

Avici is currently in private beta and available through a mobile app on Android & apple testflight. Its invite only. If you need an invite code, reach us out. Avici focus currently is India & USA, countries leading the adoption of crypto.

Steps to get started

  • Install Avici by downloading the app from this link

  • Enter invite code if you dont have one, get one from this link

  • Add passkey to your account

  • Complete KYC to onramp & offramp which is required by government regulations.

Note: KYC is only required if you wish to convert Indian rupee or US dollar to digital assets or vice versa. If you KYC'd yourself somewhere and already hold assets, you can deposit them in Avici and continue to trade or use all the features of the app

if you face any issue, Reach us out on our telegram.

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